“Pokemon Season”

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Welcome! Hesshiram here, and today I want to talk about what I call “Pokemon Season” which is the high points in Pokemon Go’s popularity. With Pokemon Go’s tremendous success during the summer only to be almost irrelevant today, it begs the question: are people losing interest in pokemon? I’m here to tell you that Pokemon Go is not dead; it is merely hibernating. What made the game so popular is the ability to play outside in the nice weather with friends and have an adventure. This was perfect for the summer… but then fall came around. School started, the weather got colder, and suddenly Pokemon Go was a much less practical activity; as such, its popularity plummeted. What made it worse is that the game had countless bugs and server issues, making the game extremely frustrating, LIKE WHEN THE BALL CURVES OFFSCREEN WHEN ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO. OR A TRACKER THAT DOESNT WORK. URRRRRR!!!1!1! While the app has come a long way, it’s still way too cold outside to play it. I predict, however, that the game is gonna shoot back up in popularity come late spring. What better way to enjoy the warm weather after a terrible winter than with some pokemon hunting? Generation 2 pokemon are also on the horizon, with some already in the game! And we still haven’t even seen the legendary pokemon yet! With warm weather, new pokemon, and bug fixes, it’ll certainly be Pokemon Season again.

What do you think? Will you be picking the game back up? Is Pokemon Go doomed? Let me know in the comments! Until next time, this is Hesshiram, signing off.


An Unforgettable Diamond Run


Finally beat Pokemon Diamond with the bidoof family! This is the sequel to my sapphire run, where I used only zigzagoon, the HM slave, as my star pokemon and relied on my pokemon mastery to even the odds. The Diamond Run was a little more challenging, as the game expected a lot more use of fly, and bidoof didn’t have access to the glorious Belly Drum strategy that zigzagoon got. Nevertheless, by running across the region several times, selling all my posessions for potions and revives, and buffing to monstrous levels with x items, I was able to grime my way through the pokemon league! Turns out Bibarel’s ability lets him modify his stats twice as fast, turning your average beaver into godzilla after only a few steroids!

So what challenge should I try next? I’m thinking something in HGSS or BW…

What Makes a Good Post-Game Adventure in Pokemon?

Post-Game Content. Everyone wants it these days. With games like Fallout and Skyrim offering loads of extra content outside of the main story, the bar is set high for other exploration games. Pokemon’s greatest post-game challenge has always been completing the pokedex, but is that enough to keep people satisfied? Today we’re going to dive into what post-game content pokemon has offered over the years and see how it fares in this age of gaming.



Extra Maps

This is arguably the most useful post-game content that pokemon can have. With new maps comes new pokemon to find and new trainers to fight, just like traversing a new route for the first time. Pokemon Gold and Silver is notorious for adding the entire Kanto region after the pokemon league. Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen invented the Sevii Islands for its post-game and complimented it with some Johto exclusive pokemon too. The Sinnoh, Unova, and Alola regions also have some routes exclusive for the post-game.



Legendary Pokemon

“You haven’t finished until you caught Mewtwo!” Legendary pokemon often find their way into these extra maps, offering a nice conclusive challenge after the pokemon league. Pokemon Red and Blue started this by placing Mewtwo, the strongest pokemon at the time, in a cave exclusive to pokemon league champions. This trend has continued ever since then, with Rayquaza in Ruby and Sapphire, Giratina in Diamond and Pearl, the Island Guardians in Sun and Moon, and many more.




It’s always fun to play through another mini story after the main story is finished. Pokemon Gold and Silver, as well as FireRed and LeafGreen, earn a star for this category too with the extra maps they offer.The Delta Episode in OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire did a wonderful job here too, explaining a lot of the lore behind Rayquaza and tying him into the main story too, as well as debuting Deoxys’ first in-game encounter.



Battle “Tower”

This is the less impressive quality of post-story pokemon. People battle in pokemon for three main reasons: to earn experience, to progress the story, or play with human opponents. The Battle Tower meets none of these but is instead a more boring grind than the pokedex. In later games it’s become a necessary evil as it offers Battle Points that you can cash in for some of the best items and move tutors in the game. Pokemon Emerald and Platinum did this right, however, by offering several new ways to battle at the Battle Frontier. The Battle Frontier introduced several new battling gimmicks that make it a unique experience and bring people back to the game years later.


What do you think? Has Pokemon done a good job at post-game content? Should they make the next game include every region? Let me know in the comments!

Pokemon Go in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is loaded with pokemon! Every night a group of trainers come to DeVos Place to set lures and catch a wide variety of pokemon. The other night I went downtown to spin some pokestops and restock on items, and it turns out the lure parties are still happening! Check out my adventure in the pictures below.


What kind of pokemon adventures have you had? Do you still play in the winter? Let me know in the comments!


Playing through Pokemon Diamond with a bit of an unusual team. Bibarel is infamous for being the “HM Slave” of the Sinnoh region but he surprisingly holds up in battle too! Will update when I defeat the pokemon league.

My Top Five Pokemon

Hello everyone! Hesshiram here, and today I’m starting a series called Pokemon: Pixel Perfect where I talk about a variety of topics about the pokemon video games. To break the ice, I’m leading this series off with my top five favorite pokemon of all time. These pokemon can either be fun to fight with, interesting in design, or just plain adorable. Let’s get started!


mawile    mawile-mega

#5: Mawile / Mega Mawile

Mawile is a perfect example of how a mediocre, obscure pokemon can find new life with the gift of a mega stone. Thanks to Pokemon X and Y, Mawile received the coveted new fairy type and an immensely powerful mega evolution that made trainers like me suddenly love the pokemon after barely even acknowledging its existence. This pokemon is one of the most fearsome mega pokemon that I have had the pleasure of training, and I would gladly do it again.



#4: Omastar

Anyone remember Twitch Plays Pokemon? Omastar places at #4 for that reason alone. Being regarded as a deity by over 100k pokemon players is certainly a laughing matter, and for that I can’t help but love this pokemon. He’s no slouch in competitive play either, being able to drown his opponents with fast hydro pumps under the rain. While I probably won’t use him in a serious team, he’s one of my favorites to use when playing for fun, if only for the meme. Hail Helix!



#3: Dragonite

This pokemon became special to me through Pokemon Go. He’s currently the strongest and most challenging pokemon to get in Pokemon Go, and is therefore the most rewarding pokemon to use. After collecting enough Dratini candy and getting my first Dragonite, I felt like I had truly accomplished something great in this game. That first Dragonite is now the MVP of most of my gym battles and has granted his species #3 on my list.


aegislash    aegislash-blade

#2: Aegislash

Aegislash is by far the most unique pokemon that I’ve enjoyed training. As a ghost/steel type with a signature ability that lets it switch between two contrasting forms, this pokemon can always find a way onto my team. Plus, a pokemon being a sword and shield is a really neat concept. Aegislash is one of Pokemon X and Y’s coolest new additions and is my #2 favorite pokemon.



#1: Mudkip

“So I heard you like Mudkips…” This pokemon is just too adorable to not be #1 on my list. Mudkip was my first pokemon back when I first began my journey in Pokemon Sapphire, and I’ve stayed loyal ever since. His evolution, Swampert, is also really fun to train and battle with, being a strong water/ground tank. There is no way that I will ever stop training this pokemon.


What do you think of my favorite pokemon? Am I wrong for not including your favorite? Let me know your opinions and Top 5’s in the comments below.