My Top Five Pokemon

Hello everyone! Hesshiram here, and today I’m starting a series called Pokemon: Pixel Perfect where I talk about a variety of topics about the pokemon video games. To break the ice, I’m leading this series off with my top five favorite pokemon of all time. These pokemon can either be fun to fight with, interesting in design, or just plain adorable. Let’s get started!


mawile    mawile-mega

#5: Mawile / Mega Mawile

Mawile is a perfect example of how a mediocre, obscure pokemon can find new life with the gift of a mega stone. Thanks to Pokemon X and Y, Mawile received the coveted new fairy type and an immensely powerful mega evolution that made trainers like me suddenly love the pokemon after barely even acknowledging its existence. This pokemon is one of the most fearsome mega pokemon that I have had the pleasure of training, and I would gladly do it again.



#4: Omastar

Anyone remember Twitch Plays Pokemon? Omastar places at #4 for that reason alone. Being regarded as a deity by over 100k pokemon players is certainly a laughing matter, and for that I can’t help but love this pokemon. He’s no slouch in competitive play either, being able to drown his opponents with fast hydro pumps under the rain. While I probably won’t use him in a serious team, he’s one of my favorites to use when playing for fun, if only for the meme. Hail Helix!



#3: Dragonite

This pokemon became special to me through Pokemon Go. He’s currently the strongest and most challenging pokemon to get in Pokemon Go, and is therefore the most rewarding pokemon to use. After collecting enough Dratini candy and getting my first Dragonite, I felt like I had truly accomplished something great in this game. That first Dragonite is now the MVP of most of my gym battles and has granted his species #3 on my list.


aegislash    aegislash-blade

#2: Aegislash

Aegislash is by far the most unique pokemon that I’ve enjoyed training. As a ghost/steel type with a signature ability that lets it switch between two contrasting forms, this pokemon can always find a way onto my team. Plus, a pokemon being a sword and shield is a really neat concept. Aegislash is one of Pokemon X and Y’s coolest new additions and is my #2 favorite pokemon.



#1: Mudkip

“So I heard you like Mudkips…” This pokemon is just too adorable to not be #1 on my list. Mudkip was my first pokemon back when I first began my journey in Pokemon Sapphire, and I’ve stayed loyal ever since. His evolution, Swampert, is also really fun to train and battle with, being a strong water/ground tank. There is no way that I will ever stop training this pokemon.


What do you think of my favorite pokemon? Am I wrong for not including your favorite? Let me know your opinions and Top 5’s in the comments below.


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