An Unforgettable Diamond Run


Finally beat Pokemon Diamond with the bidoof family! This is the sequel to my sapphire run, where I used only zigzagoon, the HM slave, as my star pokemon and relied on my pokemon mastery to even the odds. The Diamond Run was a little more challenging, as the game expected a lot more use of fly, and bidoof didn’t have access to the glorious Belly Drum strategy that zigzagoon got. Nevertheless, by running across the region several times, selling all my posessions for potions and revives, and buffing to monstrous levels with x items, I was able to grime my way through the pokemon league! Turns out Bibarel’s ability lets him modify his stats twice as fast, turning your average beaver into godzilla after only a few steroids!

So what challenge should I try next? I’m thinking something in HGSS or BW…


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