“Pokemon Season”

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Text version:

Welcome! Hesshiram here, and today I want to talk about what I call “Pokemon Season” which is the high points in Pokemon Go’s popularity. With Pokemon Go’s tremendous success during the summer only to be almost irrelevant today, it begs the question: are people losing interest in pokemon? I’m here to tell you that Pokemon Go is not dead; it is merely hibernating. What made the game so popular is the ability to play outside in the nice weather with friends and have an adventure. This was perfect for the summer… but then fall came around. School started, the weather got colder, and suddenly Pokemon Go was a much less practical activity; as such, its popularity plummeted. What made it worse is that the game had countless bugs and server issues, making the game extremely frustrating, LIKE WHEN THE BALL CURVES OFFSCREEN WHEN ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO. OR A TRACKER THAT DOESNT WORK. URRRRRR!!!1!1! While the app has come a long way, it’s still way too cold outside to play it. I predict, however, that the game is gonna shoot back up in popularity come late spring. What better way to enjoy the warm weather after a terrible winter than with some pokemon hunting? Generation 2 pokemon are also on the horizon, with some already in the game! And we still haven’t even seen the legendary pokemon yet! With warm weather, new pokemon, and bug fixes, it’ll certainly be Pokemon Season again.

What do you think? Will you be picking the game back up? Is Pokemon Go doomed? Let me know in the comments! Until next time, this is Hesshiram, signing off.


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